News Statement Builder is now a Watershed Certified Data Source!

May 30, 2019

We're honored to be recognized by the Watershed LRS as one of their Watershed Certified Data Sources. As explained in the original blog post about the certification, "So how do you know which LRPs produce the best xAPI data that result in the best Watershed reports? We’ve put together a list of Certified Watershed Data Sources that we’ve tested and confirmed send good data." Statement Builder exists because we believe that that xAPI needs to be "geek-free" and accessible via code-free tools in order to gain the widespread use that it needs. Our goal with this product is to be a bridge from one of the most pervasive elearning authoring tools, Storyline, to meaningful xAPI data beyond what Storyline does out of the box. Statement Builder exists to make xAPI easier to do — and do right — and we're pleased to be recognized by Watershed.

Read more about Watershed and Statement Builder

New Publishing Options

March 25, 2019

We've quietly run a public Beta of new publishing methods for a couple months now; after our own testing and feedback from users, we've now promoted them to being our main publishing options. Under Build > Publishing, you'll now find three options:

The three new methods no longer require "HTML surgery" after publishing! You paste a little more code into Storyline before you publish and it takes it from there. If you run into any questions while you use these new publishing methods, use the Contact Support tab on the side when you're logged in to contact us.

User Interface Updates

February 15, 2019

We've made a few minor changes to our build User Interface. This should make things clearer for users but it does mean the interface is a little different than shown in the demo videos. If you have any questions, use the Contact Support tab on the side when you're logged in to contact us.

By user request, we've also added a Delete Project feature to the builder. Use it wisely; with great power comes great responsibility!