Making xAPI easier.

Use the xapi.ly® Statement Builder to get more (and better) xAPI data from elearning created in common authoring platforms.

Unlock the power of
data-driven learning

If you (or those you work with) don't know JavaScript, xapi.ly Statement Builder lets you extend the capabilities of your elearning by creating custom xAPI statements using a simple form without having to write any code.

Support your team
with consistent code

xapi.ly Statement Builder allows team access to shared projects, which provides valuable consistency across your team and the shared data. You'll also get a discount on 5 or more seats.

Gain new insights
while saving time

Spend your time on what you really want to be doing and let xapi.ly support you by creating generated JavaScript triggers in your Storyline or Captivate courses, so you can get great data out and gain insights into learning engagement.

xapi.ly was created to
make xAPI easier for

Out of the box, Storyline and Captivate send SCORM-like transactions with xAPI publishing. But there's so much more information that can be captured with custom xAPI (context, extensions, result, etc.).

(Read more about new Storyline features from late 2021)

Works with Articulate Storyline 3/360

Works with Adobe Captivate 2019

Automatically track item views from Resource panel (Storyline)

Dropdown fields populated with verbs and activity types

Add Context Activities

Add Results using either variables or text and numbers

Add Extensions

Easily copy/paste generated code

Save and retrieve xAPI State

Multiple publish configurations

Here's what you'll need
to get started with xapi.ly.

Authoring tool license

  • Articulate Storyline (3/360) or
  • Adobe Captivate (2019)

Learning Record Store (LRS)

Course hosting location

  • LMS
  • Web hosting

Simple pricing.

Each user license extends
2 years from the date of purchase.

Single User
$ 300 /2 yrs

per seat

Unlimited projects

Unlimited statements

Basic support

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We offer a 20% discount on team orders of 5 or more licenses.

Same features as Single User

Shared team projects

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What is xAPI?!

Good question!

Read here to learn more about xAPI.


Does the xapi.ly website send xAPI statements?

No, the xapi.ly site uses form fields to generate and save the JavaScript code that you can copy/paste into triggers in Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate authoring tools. No data is sent to an LRS from the xapi.ly site, but the xapi.ly JavaScript library added to your courses enables you to construct and send statements from your authoring tool output.


Can I use variable values from authoring tools in xapi.ly statements?

Yes! You can use the xapi.ly form to easily get variable values into the Result of your statements (response, scores, success, and completion). You can optionally edit the code output to get variables into additional xAPI fields.


My LMS doesn't support xAPI, but we have an LRS. Can we publish to SCORM and still send custom statements?

Yes - you can use what we call the "Sidecar" publishing method. After adding your LRS information to the embedded xapi.ly configuration, when your SCORM course runs it sends xAPI separately to your LRS.


We don't have an LMS, but we have an LRS and regular web hosting. Can we send statements to our LRS?

Yes - with our "Standalone" publishing option, you can add some HTML and JavaScript files to your package to support a simple login to send statements to your LRS.

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